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How to connect a custom domain to your Bakesy Shop.

Hi! Here are two easy ways that Bakesy can work with a custom domain today:

If you're unsure about purchasing a custom domain and want something that's free and easy, check out our resource article about Linktree

Domain forwarding (sometimes called URL forwarding, pointing or redirecting) lets you automatically direct your domain's visitors to a different URL on the web.

We recommend using GoDaddy to purchase a custom domain.

1. URL Forward Example: If your domain is, when clicking on the link or visiting this page, this would automatically redirect users to your Bakesy Shop. Click on the link to see for yourself!

If you purchased your domain through GoDaddy: click on your domain name within GoDaddy Dashboard then select ‘manage DNS’ - scroll down and there will be a section called ‘forwarding’ - there will then be two choices ‘domain’ and ‘subdomain’.

Under ‘domain’ you will then click ‘add’

From there, copy/paste your Bakesy Link into the text box under ‘forward to’ then select ‘save’

Please note: make sure that you're using "https://" NOT "http://"

2. URL Forward within your site: If you want to keep your existing website but want Bakesy to serve as your eCommerce / ordering platform, you can create a menu option within your website that will redirect to your Bakesy Shop.

Example: Customers would still visit your current website, however, there would be a menu option or button within your site that would say something like “Order Here”. When customers click on this menu option or button on your website, this will automatically redirect users to your Bakesy Shop.

-The Bakesy Team


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